How to Take Care of Your Chanel Bag

How to Take Care of Your Chanel Bag

It's time to take your Chanel to the SPA! Yes, that is right even your bags need a little TLC from time to time. One of the most important yet forgotten steps in owning designer bags is taking care of them. Many clients are unaware that maintaining a designer bag is more than just ensuring it is kept clean and stored in its dust bag. 

Classic Leathers

The three most popular Chanel leathers are Caviar, Lambskin, and Calfskin. 

The more grained the texture of the leather on your Chanel bag is, the more durable it is. The most delicate of Chanel's classic leathers is the smooth lambskin, while pebbled Caviar is rather sturdy. Calfskin, another Chanel favorite, falls somewhere in the middle.

Here are some great steps that can be done at home:

Step 1: 

Wipe Down your Chanel

Cleaning your Chanel bag using a soft, dry microfiber cloth is an effective, simple, and safe method. More significantly, we do not advocate for wiping your leather bag with water. 


Moisturize your Chanel

You may forget that leather is a natural product that can crack and dry out. By applying leather cream to it, it will help restore and seal in the moisture, helping maintain the color and elasticity to avoid drying and cracking. 

The Luxe Bag Spa Moisturizing cream is a great at-home kit.

Delicate Leathers: 

Chanel leather bags also come in a variety of styles and coatings that are higher upkeep than their classic leathers. This includes varnished patent and nubuck suede to quilted calfskin with a metallic finish.

Step 1: 

For occasional grooming, use a dry microfiber towel or a mild suede brush.

We also highly recommend sending it in for a bag spa treatment every 1-2 years, as these materials are quite delicate and are better in the hands of a professional.

Tips for Proper Storage 

It's critical to create the correct atmosphere for your Chanel bag's delicate leather, skin, or material when you store it:

  1. Make sure your closet, cabinet, or shelf is protected from direct sunshine and extreme temperatures.
  2. Make sure to stuff your bag with acid-free tissue paper when not in use. This will help keep the shape of your Chanel bag intact. 
  3. Keep the chain well-padded within your bag to avoid imprinting on the leather.
  4. Ideally, preserve your Chanel bag upright on a shelf in its dust bag to protect it.

A Well-Deserved Bag Spa Break

A bag spa specialist may ensure that your Chanel bag has the longevity it deserves. Stains and more severe damage always require the assistance of a professional. The leather on your Chanel bag may be revived and stains and markings faded with a color refresher. A bag spa also takes care of damaged leather strings and tarnished metal. Contact our CUSTOMER SERVICE for more Chanel bag care tips and to schedule a bag spa consultation for your designer bags today!

Bag Spa Before and After

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