Meet Julie, Luxe Bag Spa's Director, and Operations Manager.

Meet Julie, Luxe Bag Spa's Director, and Operations Manager.

Hi, my name is Julie, and I am Luxe Bag Spa's Director and Operations Manager. I wanted to introduce myself to Luxe Bag Spa's current and new clients. I am responsible for bringing your bags back to life. 

Here's why you can trust me with your favourite bag!

  • I am trained in Classical Painting
  • I can Colour match by eye 
  • I've taken jewelry making classes, so I understand the hardware and different Metals
  •  I've Painted personally over 300 paintings during my art career 
  • I've Commissioned for Murals around Calgary; one mural made it into Avenue magazine at 17yrs old 
  • I've done over 15 window painting commissions throughout Calgary


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With over five years in restoring Vintage Fashion, I feel confident restoring Luxury and working with high-value items. 


About the Artist!
  1. I am obsessed with Luxury and Fashion. 
  2. My grandmother was my inspiration to be a painter; she was self-taught and a fantastic landscape artist.
  3. Luxe Bag Spa is my dream job - Every artist always dreams of getting paid for what they love to do. It is a challenging and competitive field to get into. 
  4. I am passionate about helping others through artwork; this job was the perfect fit because of my motives and aspirations

Are you looking for repairs? 
Contact Julie at or request a quote today!

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